Reconstructed: Luxurious Certified Reclaimed Timber Wood Flooring

Our latest product line, Reclaim Collective, uses salvaged wooden flooring from around Australia to produce floors that are truly unique, eco-friendly, and high-quality. Let’s take you on a tour of what this wood flooring product is all about, the benefits, and why we’re so excited to bring this option to homes, developments, and businesses.

What is Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Our urban, suburban, and industrial communities are constantly changing, evolving, and growing to meet our needs. But that doesn’t mean that the beauty, elegance, and quality of the past should be lost. When buildings are transformed, certain materials can be recycled and reused to enhance new spaces, supporting eco-friendly construction and development practices while treasuring and respecting the materials of the past. 

In line with these values, we have developed a product called Reclaim Collective. This is a reclaimed timber product from recycled timber sourced from building projects across Australia, predominantly in Victoria. Here, the demolition process is performed by accrediated demolisher, backed by comprehensive chain of custody documentation that certifies the origin and provenance of the materials.

This ensures a truly unique product that we believe not only delivers environmental credentials that are important to so many of our clients but also addresses key challenges of using recycled timber products while providing enormous potential for certifiers.

How is this Different from Other Recycled Timber?

Not all recycled timber is created equal, and interior designers, project managers, and homeowners are faced with considerable issues when looking at recycled timber for their projects. This includes issues with getting certifications to determine if a product is genuine and not a reproduction, balancing the consistency of supply vs. the finite nature of recycled timber, and the invariable cost issues due to lack of uniformity in sizes and processing cost.

Our Reclaim Collective line overcomes these challenges by re-milling and re-engineering certified reclaimed timber on your behalf.

This process allows a better consistency through factory grading to meet Australian standards and achieve uniformity of sizes, allowing the installation process to be faster and more efficient. In addition, the Chain of Custody, Carbon Neutral and FSC certified process help to increase the usage of finite resources.

Feel History Under Every Footstep

By using recycled timbers sourced from building projects, this product range offers a unique look and feel that cannot be obtained with new timbers.

Not just unique in colour, each piece of the Reclaim Collective retains the personality and character of its previous life. Distinctive characteristics include the appearance of nail holes, saw marks and brush marks, showing the history and journey of this wood through its lifetime.

Timberland – Proud Suppliers of Architectural and Sustainable Timber Products in Victoria

At Timberland, we’re proud to represent architectural and sustainable timber-based products, and our successful track record on wonderful residential and commercial development projects across Australia is a testament to this. We have work with some of the best names in the architectural, development and construction space, helping to achieve goals for sustainability, exceptional design quality, and elegance. Contact us today to find out more about our range of certified reclaimed timber flooring.