Barkly Square Shopping Centre

90-106 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3055

Architect: Villa & Villa Architect

Developer: ISPT

Barkly Square is a subregional shopping centre located in the suburb of Brunswick with anchor tenants Coles and Safeway in addition to 37 speciality retail shops. Owned by ISPT Super Property, it underwent a $19m redeveloped in 2013.

Villa and Villa architect incorporated the Biowood composite timber extensively on the facade and soffit, achieving the low maintenance requirement while retaining the aesthetic appeal of timber look.

A key feature of the project is the use of the Biowood 150 x 50mm battens as ceiling feature and sun shade. Due to the light weight nature of the product in conjunction to the use of aluminium clip system, it allowed for a minimum installation time.

Biowood Product

WPO15018 spotted gum

S4SO15050 spotted gum

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Barkly Sq   S4S15050
Barkly Sq 2
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