Recently, Timberland worked with a leading architectural firm, Archsign, on an exciting multi-residential project in Northcote. The existing property on 50-52 Wales Street, previously a corner shop, was transformed into an elegantly modern storefront with additional townhouses at the rear. With an eye on sustainability and exceptional quality, our Biowood cladding was selected to add a natural, modern element to the character-filled structure.

Biowood cladding – Sustainability, style, and sophistication

Timberland is the exclusive distributor of Biowood in Victoria. This product has global GreenTagTM accreditation, making it one of the most sustainable products on the market. It is a composite wood product that is naturally pleasing to the eye, exceptionally low maintenance, and versatile, making it the ideal product for fencing, cladding, façades, roofing, flooring, wall panelling, and decking.

Not only does it look natural and retains that warm, wood aesthetic, but it is also termite, water, and mould resistant. It is lightweight, making it easy to install without a need to provide an intensive structural support, and is exceptionally durable, making it the ideal choice for the harsh Australian climate. With its exceptional weight advantage cladding range at as low as 8kg per square meter (kg/m2), it’s even light enough to be able to fix onto garage doors.

In the Wales Street project, Biowood composite wood panelling has been used to extensively clad the new additions to the existing building, creating a high-impact visual statement that contrasts against the traditional building’s structure. Warmly natural and weather-resistant, this panelling brings together old and new architecture to create visual interest without clashing, enhancing the building with a neatly geometric and sharply tailored appearance.

The 2 profiles used on the external façade are:

1. Castellated cladding (WPO30060) in spotted gum colour

This is our large batten style cladding that creates a bold linear look. In addition to the aesthetics of this cladding, it also has a cost and installation time advantage when installed in this profile compared with traditional timber battens, making it more cost-effective as well as easier and more affordable to maintain. 

It’s a very versatile cladding and profile that’s not just for external façade use. It can also be used on ceilings, both internally and externally, creating a modern take on traditional timber beams.

2.Shiplap cladding (WPO18518) in Ebony colour

Here, the Biowood allows you to create a traditional shiplap look with the advantages of with lower maintenance, and greater longevity. And because this product can be manufactured in lengths up to 5.85m, most installations don’t require any joints, creating a sleeker, streamlined finish.

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